Sunday, August 12, 2007

Internet Cafe

I really haven't checked this place out, but I hear it's the place to be if you want to network, play chess, send a fax, have a cup of coffee or snack on a Krispy Kreme donut. The CyberBlue Internet Cafe is right on Broad Street and apparently was literally hopping with the media last March when Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama were both in town.

The place has specialty nights for playing chess, sharing poetry and jazz and of course, networking.


lv2scpbk said...

Sounds like a great place.

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Jo's-D-Eyes said...

windows and working with windows (XP) just kidding,

On holiday I always seach for internet possibilities, not so easy...


Jules said...

What a great place to be to get out of the heat.

Love the shutters!!!!

Stay cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

They look interesting. I have never been in one because I no longer own a laptop, but I do like their coffee. Nice photograph.

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Steve Buser said...

I've never done the internet cafe thing butI am getting so dependent on my PC that I think that may be in my future.

By the way. I couldn't believe the thermostat today when I looked at it. I'm going to try to post it tomorrow.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Janet said...

Thanks for visiting. Think I will have to visit this cafe.

Neva said...

I can never find one of these places when I am looking for them....or the places I go just don't have them! Very nice.