Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Market Day Woodwork

Here's another Riverfront Market Day preview.

These unique wooden bowls and baskets were at last year's market, and with the vendor lineup out in today's newspaper, I see where there will be lot of things made of wood: bowls and baskets, picture frames and tables, stools, spinners and children's toys.

Other booths that I'll definitely check out are the barnwood and cedar birdhouses, baskets woven with wisteria and kudzu, the numerous Arts Revive-sponsored arts, monogrammed gifts and pottery.
(For you young mothers and grandmothers out there, several booths will offer baby and children's items.)

Now, what to do for lunch? Looks like there will be plenty of barbecue, hot dogs, Polish sausage and hamburgers. Or, I could head over to The Restaurant on Grumbles Alley for a sit-down lunch on the covered terrace!

For snacks, I see funnel cakes listed and some sweet kettle popcorn! Yum, yum!


Kathleen said...

I could see apples sitting inside

Grumbles is a must...
thier coleslaw is to die for!!

Tanya said...

That's funny, my first thought was to fill those baskets with apples and then I noticed Kathleen had the same idea :)
So much good food to choose from, how can you pick just one?! For sure have some Funnel Cake for me!

Rose said...

My first thought is how wonderful they are, could my husband do one, and also thank you for showing more!

Virginia said...

I'm voting for the que and the slaw that kathleen recommends. I want one of those baskets or bowls too! said...

Lovely carved bowls.

What type of wood are they, fruit wood maybe?