Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jack-o-Lantern Baskets

Here's a cute idea for fall decorations...put your jack-o-lantern in a basket.

Then, when Halloween is over, these vine creations will still be a unique addition for a porch or patio...or Christmas decorations. These baskets were for sale at Riverfront Market Day.


Tanya said...

That's a great look!

Virginia said...

What on earth are we going to photograph when the leaves have all fallen and the pumpkins are gone?? I'm getting a little worried!HA Cute basket today. Happy pumpkin too.

Anonymous said...

This really makes a nice display.

I am doing something different on my Gordon, Ohio blog. I set out to photograph and describe every house in the village where I was born.

Gordon, Ohio

Your EG Tour Guide said...

This is a fun Halloween decoration. Great idea!

Migs CFL fan said...

Fantastic shot as always. Thanks for sharing!

Regina In Pictures

PJ said...

I can always count on you to give us a great seasonal display. Selma seems like a wide open place or is that the way you frame things?

Rambling Round said...

Virginia, I move my photos indoors after the leaves have fallen and the pumpkins are gone!

PJ, I guess Selma is kind of wide open, in a way. Broad Street is really broad, and the town is fairly flat with wide streets. I know I don't feel claustrophobic in the least! Still, it's no beach!