Monday, February 18, 2008

Birds Gather Ahead of the Storm

I always thought birds got quiet and found a good hiding place before a storm, but this flock gathered in the tops of our trees on Sunday. Perhaps they were searching for a good spot to take cover. (By the way, this photo is in color!)
Anybody know about bird behavior?
To watch a video of the Dallas County tornado damage on WSFA-TV's website, click here, then click on the video strip labeled "Dallas County."

(Well, I have had one person tell me that these birds are probably taking cover in my yard, because they know the worst of the storm is to the north. Birds hide or leave when they know a storm is coming. So perhaps they flew south to safety!)


The D in D & T said...

I love this photo. What a dark day! I always really enjoy the moments before a big storm, I like the anticipation in the air, this photo captures the before the storm moment perfectly I think.

Jim Klenke said...

The weather was bad all over it seems.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It's that time of year.....

Troop 1309 said...

Nice photo in B & W!

Joy said...

Love your photo! There's something very arty about it :) Poor little birds. Maybe you could invite them into your kitchen to keep warm :)

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Anonymous said...

Certain birds hang out together in the cold weather and during migration. They seldom hang together in storms or don't around here.

Ineke said...

Thanks for visiting Rotterdam DP!
This looks indeed as if a huge storm is about to set foot.
Love the magnolia photo from a couple of days ago too!

Gerald (SK14) said...

looks rather like a murder of crows to me.

Alexander said...

Nice capture. Yes I think what that person mention is true. Animals normally react best to mother nature.

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Janet said...

Thanks for your comments. Perhaps these birds were heading back north when the storm came up.
I don't think these are crows. They appeared smaller and fatter, sort of like robins or maybe something else. It was so dark, I couldn't tell what color they were.