Friday, November 23, 2012

Oldest to Youngest

Thanksgiving isn't just about turkey and the trimmings 
or Pilgrims and Indians gathering together for a first feast/game day. 

It's mainly about family. It's the biggest family day of the year,
 and many Americans travel great distances to be there. 

Our family reunited on a front porch in Old Town Selma, 
and here, the oldest and youngest say "Hello!"


Tanya Breese said...

oh this is just the sweetest :)

Jack said...

We have a winner! I love this double portrait. It really fits the holiday season.

hamilton said...

what a great family picture!

Adriann said...

What a sweet photo! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Kate said...

What a great photo with contrasting ages. A special gift for your family; please duplicate the photo and send it on its way to your loved ones!

Linda said...

So sweet! Great photo!