Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Reflections, The Windows of Weaver Castle

Which window do you like best?

These mirrored windows belong to Weaver Castle,
an 1868 Gothic Revival mansion that was designed
by the famous architect Richard Upjohn.
Upjohn also designed New York City's Trinity Church.

The home was built after the Civil War 
by Confederate Army Lieutenant William Weaver,
who was the father of artist Clara Weaver Parrish,
a designer of stained glass for New York's Tiffany & Co.  

Best of all, if you want to see what's behind the windows,
join us for the Historic Selma Pilgrimage March 16 and 17.
The home, said to be similar to a castle on the Rhine River,
was purchased last spring by a Wisconsin ranching couple
who are restoring it for their southern retreat.
Read more about this house at the Selma Pilgrimage website. 


Gine said...

Le choc des couleurs ! J'aime beaucoup la fenêtre à droite de la petite ovale pour sa luminosité ...

Rambling Woods said...

I like the ones where the leaves show best..interesting history..I am working on my family history and those members who fought in the war....

Rachel said...

I CANNOT WAIT to see the inside of THIS house! I have wanted to see it for years and years! And I am so excited to find out that it was in Clara Weaver Parrish's family. Too cool!

AngelusProwl said...

My uncle and aunt bought this house. I wish I could go down and visit it.