Friday, February 24, 2012

The Fence at the Mabry-Jones House

The fence that surrounds the Mabry-Jones House is one of the simplest,
 yet most unique in town, and you are invited to step inside the fence
 on Friday, March 16 for an evening reception and tour of this 1850 mansion.
 Once the home of Capt. Catesby ap Roger Jones (who commanded the Merrimac
 against the Monitor) in a Civil War battle of the ironclads, this Greek Revival
 still remains in the family and is filled with intriguing collections.
 Even more intriguing are the circumstances of Capt. Jones' death.
 For more information about the house and tour,

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Tanya said...

this is such a pretty shot!

Rachel said...

I hope that Captain Jones didn't fall on that fence and have a stake go through his heart. That would be a very Gothic way to go!

Beth said...

love it!! thanks, for sharing. (:

This is Belgium said...

great photo but what an interesting background and how great that the fence goes open for drink and tour !
again, wish I could be there.
should start a to do list for my next visit !
have a great weekend!

Jan n Jer said...

Sounds like a very interesting place to visit! Love your header!

Lesley said...

I like the way the fence seems to be floating between the pillars.

Rose said...

Nice shot...those rocking chairs on the front porch look so inviting.

Kathy said...

It would be wonderful to take a glimpse back in time in the interior of this beautiful home.

Virginia said...

Beautifully framed with what appears to be crape myrtle! A beautiful place. Selma is full of these wonderful old homes.

Rambling Round said...

Virginia, you would enjoy seeing the interior of this house. Bring some friends and come on down to Pilgrimage March 16! I hear they are serving wine and cheese for the reception.

Kate said...

Yes, it is an unusual fence! The house is beautiful, but so close to the fence; I'd assume with that classic facade it would have more property?

Rambling Round said...

Hi Kate, This is a town house so doesn't have the acreage that country houses have. It probably did have more property back in the day. Thanks for visiting!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very nice shot.

Regards and best wishes