Saturday, April 28, 2007

Signs of the Times

This feed and seed company operated in an old brick building on Water Avenue for quite a long time. I often purchased Dutch flower bulbs there. Closed now, the store's side view still bears its name.

I wonder what the old signs say. If you look just under the awning (obviously added on), you can still see advertisements from another era.

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Abraham Lincoln said...

Interesting photograph. I suppose the porch just covered the old sign as it was easier than to remove it.

I posted some code that you might find useful on my post today.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I guess megastores like Home Depot have stolen a lot of its business away.

blueboat said...

A lovely photo. I blogged an old sign a couple of months ago - - I love it when these things are uncovered. A real glimpse into the past.

RamblingRound said...

Thank you folks for checking out my sign of the times.

Abraham, when I looked closely, I believe the old signs are painted on the brick. The one on the left has the name, W.J. Heim at the bottom, which most likely was German since Selma had a lot of German immigrants in the 1800s. I never even noticed these signs until I took the picture.

Ming, in our town, the feed and seed places have mostly moved west, but we still have Holley's Farm and Garden Center at one corner of Water Avenue. Then of course, we have a Super Walmart. We have to drive close to an hour to get to Home Depot! Holley's is a fun place to go, because they sell birds and fish, too. In the fall, they crack and sell pecans, a great southern delicacy! The farmer's co-op is in a new building now, and I'll have to post a photo of it one day.

Blueboat, I will check out your sign today. When I posted this, I thought it would show up well, but it didn't, especially on the portal. Guess it was just too antiquish! There are other signs and wall murals around here. I just need to start shooting them!