Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Art at the Library

One of the high points of visiting the library is viewing the latest artwork displayed by the locals. I'm not an art critic and have no idea if these creations are good or not. But I would like to know what the artist was thinking when he or she designed them.
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Anonymous said...

Having been an artist all my life (will be 73 years) I have done the creative thing myself. I can tell you some of my best friends are artists and they create things they don't know what it is and will often ask me what pops into my head when I first look at their works. Sometimes I tell them and most times I don't tell them. I like the idea of showing local artwork in the library as it gives some gifted people an opportunity to display their best works.

It was pouring rain yesterday and I took some photos through the windscreen. You might be interested.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Jilly said...

Well, whether good or bad, it's full of colour and that I love. Happy colours.

When I look at art, I ask myself if I could live with it - but when I'm thinking of buying, I ask if I could live without it - if I couldn't and if I can afford it (usually not) then I don't buy. Also there isn't much room left on my walls. Read no room left...

Anonymous said...

Whoah. I like the building in the other post too. Actually, I stopped back to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my raindy day pictures.

Abraham Lincoln
President Lincoln's cousin.
Brookville Daily Photo

Meg in Nelson said...

Lovely paintings. I especially like the warm colored one in the foreground.