Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Little John's Homemade Root Beer

This photoblog is for those who got thirsty while checking out the "Refreshments" entry of yesterday.

The lemonade and cherry fizz and root beer are special recipes made by
Little John's Root Beer in Kansas. I found a website for them. Just click on the green or go to or email

(I do not own any part of their brisk business!)

They strictly sell at period festivals and living history events, and according to web reports, make this delicious brew in their basement. The best part: Keep your antique bottle, and next year (or at another event this year) they will give you a refill at reduced cost! I imagine those Civil War reenactors travel from battle to battle with their Little John's bottles!

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Victoria said...

That is all really interesting. I hadn't considered that there would be a big market for drinks suited to period-festivals, but now that I think about it it makes sense.

Lewis said...

Cool - thanks for the information. I will pass this on to the Selma Railroad Days committee.

annulla said...

NOW I'm thirsty. I've never tasted anything like that, but it sounds wonderful.

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