Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pretty Peachy

Peaches are prime these days for eating off the vine, in a cobbler or cranking up some homemade ice cream. I'll be eating something with peaches well as shucking corn, snapping beans and putting squash in the freezer. Yum! there is nothing tastier than fresh summer fruits and veggies!


Jim said...

We have a peach orchard near here that is wonderful in the summertime. I never had peach soft serve ice cream until I went there. I am going to have to try to get pics before the summer is over. Yours look mouthwatering.

Virginia said...

You have that right. Yours is the sequel to my Peach Envy that I posted early on. I have a peach of a photo that I will post later on. I like your version right on the tree. Could you mail me some of that homemade peach ice cream? My absolute favorite.
PS My ribs were DIVINE yesterday.

Rambling Round said...

Well, since I can't mail y'all the ice cream, I can share the recipe.
This is how my mother-in-law made it, and it's my favorite, because you blend the peaches instead of having chunks of frozen peaches in the custard.

Homemade Peach Ice Cream

6 to 8 large, ripe peaches
3 cups milk
2 eggs, well beaten
1 large can evaporated milk
3 cups sugar (I like mine less sweet so I use one-fourth cup less sugar.)
1 12-ounce can apricot nectar

Combine peaches with small amount of milk in blender until well blended.
Combine remaining ingredients and place in 4-quart ice cream freezer. Add peach mixture, mix and freeze according to directions.

Yields 15-20 servings.

Halcyon said...

I have been waiting for the big peaches and nectarines! I hope they're coming soon!!! :)

Virginia said...

Yes, yes, blend those peaches. If you don't, you have frozen chunks that are like rocks!! Haven't heard of putting apricot nectar in it. Bet that is tasty.

Rose said...

I am drooling looking at that picture!

The Texican said...

Now as I remember it, that's what a good southerner did around the fourth of July. Shelling peas was always on the schedule. Pappy

Tammy said...

YUMMY! It's about that time here in Alabama. I can't wait.

Nathalie said...

I agree, there's nothing better than fruit and vegies! We're blessed with wonderful fruit here in Provence too. Your photo is beautiful.