Thursday, July 3, 2008

From the Master's Hand

The hands of Allen Ham mold the clay that forms the shape of these pitchers and bowls. Ham was among craftsmen who participated in Artisans' Day, and he demonstrated pottery throwing for the crowd.

Hmmm...this looks like what would be found in my grandmother's kitchen cabinets.

Here is a link to Black Belt Treasures that features a clay jack-0-lantern by Ham.


Halcyon said...

Those bowls look really nice. I love handmade stuff. :)

Clueless in boston said...

Great looking pottery. Is pottery throwing anything like midget tossing in Scotland?

D said...

I recognize this pottery!
I grew up a few miles from Hamm's Pottery in Tuscaloosa County. I think this is the same family, but one m or two?
My Daddy actually worked for Mr. and Mrs. Houston Hamm for a while when he was a teenager. He tried to learn to throw clay, but it was harder than it looked! We LOVED to go to the pottery because they would let us go behind the candy counter. They were precious people. Mrs. Hamm's maiden name was Miller. The Millers are also a family of renowned potters. I think it's so cool than the next generation of Hamms is still throwing clay.

Rambling Round said...

Hi D! It is spelled with one "m" on all the info I have, but he is related to the Miller potters. I found a link that I added to my site, and while it says he is from Selma, I don't know him. He is apparently the youngest potter in the family.

Virginia said...

Yep, my grandmother had bowls just like those that I remember her mixing cornbread in.

The Texican said...

They remind me of my grandmother's kitchen. Nicely done. Pappy