Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Corner Local Shop (June Theme Day)

It's Theme Day again, and here is The Store, my corner local shop. It's where you stop to buy drinks, hamburger buns, lunch, and snacks. When the weather's nice, just take that slice of pizza and sit out at the picnic table. It's also Camera Critters Sunday, so I got both in one shot! The dog is one of two or three that greet customers on the front porch, but this one was taking a nap! Notice that this picture was taken on the day before Mother's Day, and notice the lunch specials posted on the other side of the door. The Store serves the Summerfield community and is really located on a corner.
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USelaine said...

Sweet pup! Must be hot for a Husky in Alabama, so I don't blame him for a rest in the shade.

Dina said...

Nice corner store, nice unusual shaped table, nice wolf-looking dog. And I'll gladly take any one of the menu items.
Enjoy summer in Selma.

Ham said...

Can I buy the dog, please?

Anonymous said...

A dog in Alabama should be one of those hairless wonders with whiskers not a husky but he looks like it is just wonderful.

The photo is wonderful and laid back and looks like it belongs there. Nice shot. I don't think I have seen a more relaxed looking scene all morning.

babooshka said...

Love the store, the dog, the post. what a great place.

lv2scpbk said...

Looks like that dog is enjoying his day.

Kate said...

Every dog has its day and I'm assuming that it is Camera Critters; guess I'll have to go check it out now! Great shot of the pooch that adds interest to the theme!

Chris said...

Love any store that allows dogs My two used to visit my store all the time. My male used to take classes on Saturdays, and the women loved it! ;-) Unfortunately, he would not sit as quietly as the one in your photo.

For theme day, I'm showing a bit of my former store (since it fits the bill) if you're interested. . .

Andrée said...

that's a great shot of both themes. I love that relaxed and content dog.

Jim said...

I like these places that have deli bars. I am always tempted.

fishing guy said...

Cute picture of the sleepy dog.

Kuanyin said...

This shop looks very inviting...lovely photo! Of course, the sleeping dog makes it great.

ratmammy said...

Love the photo!

i beati said...

very Southern feel sk

Dianne said...

what a sweet shop

and the dog is beautiful and looks so comfy

great photo

marley said...

Good post, especially as you combined 2 themes! He looks like a poor guard dog! :)

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Very nice place! Love the dog, too!

Misty Dawn said...

I've always wanted to run a place like this, because I love 'small-town' life and I'd LOVE to be able to take my dogs to work with me :-)

Kim said...

Rambling Round, That pup is smiling in its sleep! Great combo of two themes, BTW. Nice to see a UW Huskies supporter in Alabama! ;^) Happy theme day,
Seattle Daily Photo

raf said...

First off, love that husky enjoying a snooze and the rest of your very nice photo is just as disarming and inviting as the dog. Yep, I could enjoy your corner store, Rambling. Good post for the theme.

Halcyon said...

Looks like a nice place!

Bbsato said...

Really nice shot. I love the dog!

Chuck Pefley said...

Sure looks like the greeter is sleeping on the job :) Nice choice for theme day.

Keropok Man said...

Oh.. How I wish I am taking a nap now like the dog...

I am tired....

Happy Theme Day!

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

I love dogs and maybe Uselaine is right about his stay in Alabama. By the way I also love so much this photo because let me feel... A quiet place.

mirage2g said...

This is very much like my hometown in the Philippines!!! So friendly a neighborhood, yes even the dog!

vero said...

Good rest dear dog!

Jilly said...

Am late in comments this time as I've been away - and also no Internet. Love your theme Day - how could I not with that great dog!