Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tin Man Art at the Bookstore

The folk art sculptures of TheTin Man (Charlie Lucas) can be found all over Selma. Guest photographer Lucy Battle, formerly of Selma, found these at Everyman Bookstore on Martin Luther King Street. I'm trying to figure out what the different scrap materials are. Of course, the hair is made of barbed wire, but do I see pieces of vinyl siding? Since I haven't checked out this bookstore yet, it is now on my list!


Dan said...

Wow, isn't this creative! I am amazed by people who are able to see the potential for beauty when I only see a pile of junk. I am doing a series on gardens at my blog now and the garden I showed last week had lots of old chairs, bikes, etc. I would have tossed them out but they looked wonderful in the garden.

smilnsigh said...

To call it unique, hardly covers it, does it? :-)