Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

Graduation Day!
One of my sons graduated high school last night, and along with the rest of the Class of 2007, is entering the Real World. Here, they march onto the football field to "Pomp and Circumstance." There were no long speeches from learned men or women, just short reflections from the class president, valedictorian and co-salutatorians, followed by the awarding of diplomas. Then, they marched around the field to throw up their caps in celebration.
The once-solemn ceremony (in my day) has changed to one of jubilation with many seniors' family and friends clapping, cheering and yelling as their honoree's name is called to receive the diploma. There is no longer any admonition to hold the applause and cheers until the end of the ceremony, resulting in some grads' names hardly being heard above the commotion.
How are graduations conducted in your part of the world?

Click to enlarge. This photo is a long shot, taken from the other side of the stadium.

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Beetle said...

This is what I like the graduation day,the costumes etc after that but unfortunately in Germany we don't have typical costumes or something like that,It's only when you graduation and received a Doctor title but Party,YES! we do have.I like your culture on graduation day

April said...

Congratulations! This is a great day. Here in Germany we don't have special clothes as Beetle said but when they finish school at the age of 18/19, there is ballroom dancing and especially the girls dress up like filmstars.

RamblingRound said...

Hi Beetle and April.
Ballroom dancing and film-star outfits sound like a fun way to celebrate.
Here, once the hats are tossed, family and friends flood the field to congratulate everybody. So there is a lot of hugging and photo shooting going on.
Some graduating classes take Caribbean cruises within a week or so of graduation.

Lessie said...

Wonderful! I love it! Brings back so many memories. Congratulations to your son -- and to you! :)

Anonymous said...

WE had five children and they all graduated and they all had to sit with cap and gown on through long speeches by everyone. It was an annual nightmare for some time. So I was thrilled for all the moms and dads whose kids got through your ceremony without the pain of folding chairs.

Nice photograph of the class and the people.

This is the second episode of the Robin feeding the babies. Mom had her head down a throat today.

Steve Buser said...

Congratulations, well done.

Pat said...

Really nice to see the "pomp and circumstance".

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Neva said...

My children graduated from a small private high school....and each graduation has gotten less pompy and circumstancey as the years have gone by. This past Sunday was graduation and the beach ball came out and was tossed and the cheering and clapping....very loud and noisy. College graduation is more formal....oh well!