Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grist State Park Ready for Campers

Today, we head 13 miles north of Selma to Grist State Park. It's a popular outdoor recreation area and YMCA camp. In a few weeks, Camp Grist will be teeming with children. The camp is located up a steep hill above the playground and picnic shelters (on the right in this photograph). A hiking trail leads down to the lake and swimming area. Campers also get to cool off in a pool, slide down red-clay canyons, glide across the water in canoes and participate in games and sports. Day and residence camps open in June and close just before school starts in August.

Click to enlarge for a better view of the playground and swimming area.

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Per Stromsjo said...

Great colours. I particularly like the perspective, the reflection of the trees following the shore away from us. Like lines aiming for the same spot on the horizon.

Z said...

Looks like a really lovely place.