Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Potter's Wheel

A young girl stood fascinated Friday evening as Allen Hamm worked his magic making pottery at the quarterly Art Walk downtown.

Hamm set up his pottery wheel in the front window of The Frame Shoppe where everyone could see, both from inside and outside.

This venue featured handmade pottery, ceramics, jewelry and photography.


Lois said...

I would be fascinated too! I love watching someone work on a pottery wheel.

Virginia said...

I'm headed out this week to catch some potters at work as well. Your Art Walk sounds great. I love demos like this. Makes me want to get my hands int here and make a lopsided pot!

Jacob said...

Lovely photo...I've always enjoyed watching potters work...the creativity that exudes from a good potter is amazing.

D said...

I finally got a chance to see some of Kenneth Miller's pottery this week. (his sister was Mrs. Hamm of Hamm's pottery in Cottondale)
Beautiful craftsmen in both families for generations!