Saturday, May 16, 2009


Say "Achoo!" to this "Gotcha" plant.

Privet is out of control in the woods around my house, and even when windows are closed and air conditioning on, I can still smell its fragrance. A stuffy nose and ears quickly follow. So thank you, God, for antihistamines!


Kate said...

Allergies are such a nuisance, aren't they? It's interesting that such a noxious agent can look so delicate and attractive!

My camera is in the specialist's shop, waiting for an estimate. Perhaps it just needs cleaning..I hope rather than major repairs. I hope to be back soon.

marley said...

Ah, the dreaded hayfever! Nice photo though :)

bfarr said...

I love the aroma, but I am not surrounded by them either.

Rambling Round said...

Kate, Sure hope you will return soon! I have a backup camera just in case.

Hi Marley, I took a few days off to get away from these allergy producing blooms. As soon as I returned, my head stopped up again! At least I got a little relief.