Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Founders' Day 2009

Arts, crafts and food lined the walking trail at the Valley Grande Park Saturday as hundreds of people turned out for Founders' Day.

This year, the town has added a pavilion, and music groups sang and played for the crowd. High School bands performed nearby under a tent.

The rural community just north of Selma was incorporated in 2003.


Virginia said...

I love small, homey arts and crafts events like this. I"ll bet you all had a grand time. What did you buy??

Rambling Round said...

Hi Virginia. They had some beautiful plants and hanging baskets that were tempting to buy, but I had already gotten some for Mother's Day, so we bought delicious barbecue sandwiches for lunch.

Becky said...

This sounds super fun! I love warm-weather community get-togethers like this. I try to go to at least one fair each summer, but sometimes don't manage to. Gotta get that flavoured lemonade and browse the stalls.

frenchie4moi said...

Looks like something I'd like to attend!

Jacob said...

What great fun. Did you buy anything?