Saturday, May 9, 2009


Commencements are in full swing these days, and what could be a prouder moment than seeing your child graduate from high school or college?

Our oldest son was among several Selmians who received bachelor of science degrees Friday from Troy University, and his class was the largest ever to graduate from this institution.

Thanks to Jenna Palmore for taking his picture at the Baptist Campus Ministries. He not only grew academically in college but physically and spiritually as well.

And yes, you saw him first on the North Georgia Appalachian Trail last December!

Congratulations to all you other graduates out there!


Mo said...

Big congrats to your son.

Kathleen said...

Oh ..Congrats!!! :)

Jacob said...

Nice shot! I think we have some justifiably proud parents here. Looks to be a handsome young man! Congratulations on achieving an important goal.

Virginia said...

God speed to your fine son and those in his class. To quote my friend Dr. Seuss, "Oh the places you'll go!"

magiceye said...

hearty congratulations to your son and all the others!!

Anonymous said...

Well that is good news. Congratulations.

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