Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tiny Tears

Speaking of Santa's Workshop and elves, who remembers the Tiny Tears dolls of the 1950s?

They were popular items on little girls' Christmas wish lists, and Elaine Stewart of Valley Grande still has hers. When Elaine emailed this photo, I was sure that I may have had a very similar doll. What memories! Elaine says she's sentimental and still has her bride doll and doll buggy.

I'll admit to saving two small dolls and a few baby doll clothes that were too big for my preemie twins!

What favorite toys did you save from childhood?
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Kathleen said...

This doll was well taken care of!

Tanya said...

Wow, that doll is pristine. I used to have a huge doll collection from when my dad was in the Navy. He was always overseas and would bring me a new doll from all over the world. It really was an awesome collection but unfortunately when I was a teenager and we moved my mom didn't store them well and I was just a dumb teen who didn't care. Now they are ruined and I would love to have that collection back. Same with my Breyer horse collection. Sigh....

Halcyon said...

I had a modern version of Tiny Tears. I wanted one after my mom talked about how much she loved hers when she was a little girl.

My favorite doll was Dancerella. She never worked as good as she did on the TV commercials, but I loved her ballet outfit and the way she stood on her toes.

PJ said...

I had a Tiny Tears! What memories this brings back, I loved mine so.