Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let the Sun Shine On!

Sunshine has returned to Alabama, giving the cattle and us a break from damp, dismal conditions. Let the sun shine on!


marley said...

I like the splash of blue. Nice contrast.

Tanya said...

Yay for the sunshine! We had a nice sunny day today but it looks like a wintry mix by the end of the week. I guess it's only fair, it is winter after all,lol

Dorothy said...

Nice sunny picture! It is good that the sun has been shinning in Dixie again.

magiceye said...

warm and cosy!

Jim said...

Almost looks like a nice spring day.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a lot to say about last year or this new year. Some thoughts...

I hope 2009 will be better than 2008, 2007, and 2006. I do think our government will be inspired by our new President Obama -- at least I hope so.

I would like to see the War in Irag end and I would like to see the killing stop everywhere.

It is my hope that Japan will stop slaughtering whales and raping virgin forests.

And I hope the people will lose their clubs and no longer club baby seals to death.

What a world we have and live in. 2009 could be so much better than it will be.

dot said...

We are certainly having a stange winter this year.
Love your sun shine picture.
Hope you have a great new year. Don't forget the peas and greens. lol

Curly said...

I hope you don't mind me taking the easy route by copying and pasting this comment, it is by far the easiest method of getting my message to so many CDP photobloggers.
I am not sure that I can sustain South Shields Daily Photo much longer, it is so difficult to keep finding new material on a daily basis,
and after more than two years inspiration and motivation are becoming harder to find, so I may become less daily from time to time.
I hope you can find new hope and inspiration, and that a new start in 2009 brings everything that you desire.
The CDP photoblogging community has grown massively over the past year and I'd like to thank those who have visited South Shields Daily Photo, especially those who have been kind enough to leave a comment or two.
Best wishes for 2008




South Shields Daily Photo

John said...

tous mes voeux de bonheur, de joie, de santé et de paix à vos proches et vous même !

Boise Diva said...

A toast to you and all the work you do for your CDP - Happy New Year!

gogouci said...

I'd like some of that sunshine pleeeaassee. Happy New Year.

Rambling Round said...

Thanks for your "sunny" comments. Now Curly, I will surely miss visiting your blog if you leave! I hope you reconsider although I do understand the challenge of finding fresh photo ops. It ain't easy in a small town!

Abe, all the best for a kinder, gentler 2009! It should be interesting.

Thanks for all your other comments. I have been very busy and out of town some lately so have missed a lot of comments and commenting.

Happy New Year!