Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tide Pride

If anyone ever doubted the pride that Alabama football fans are feeling these days, here's proof! The Crimson Tide flag ranks just beneath the American flag in a yard just a couple of miles down the road.

I bet there are more local vehicles decorated with Crimson Tide pennants right now than there are yards decorated for Christmas... and those who drive red or white cars and trucks are really FANatic with the Bama theme. I've seen Bama tags and magnetic signs on doors and hoods and trunks and windows!

All that pride has led to TODAY when the Tide meets its most cunning foe yet...the swarming and swarthy Florida Gators (No. 2 in one poll) for the Southeastern Conference championship. But it's even bigger than that! The winner will probably vie for a berth in the Bowl Championship Series national title game in January.

NOW, while Alabama is ranked No. 1 in all national polls, doubting prognosticators who study the stats even in their sleep give the nod to Florida. BUT, the underdog Tide has proved it's worth its saltwater time after time and pulled with a mighty undertow to victory through 12 regular season games.

SO, how can anyone in Bama Country believe the naysayers and so easily dismiss the relentless Bear Bryant-like defense and game-control techniques reinvented by the Sabanation? Those Gators may come plundering with their jaws wide open, but a Tidal Wave is on the way!

Update: Much to my surprise, the pundits were right this time. Many predicted that Florida would beat Bama by 10 points, and while the Tide led at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Gators came back with two touchdowns and won 31-20. But, the Tide is back with a 12-1 record and is probably headed for the post-season Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.


Kathleen said...

Making a pot of Chili for the game. I have had my Bama flag on my car all season. You have a neighbor real close to where you live who has an Elephant water fountian in thier front your.

Rambling Round said...

Chili sounds wonderful for a cold gameday like today! An elephant water fountain? When it warms up, I'll have to search for that photo op. Thanks for the tip.

The Texican said...

They made Tommy Tubberville quit. Should be a great game tonight. Pappy

Tanya said...

My kids are still Georgia fans. We are pretty close to VT here so there are alot more VT fans than Virginia fans, but my kids don't like Tech schools, lol, because of Georgia Tech :D So I guess we'll be Cavalier fans eventually!

D said...

Roll Tide! Sugar Bowl bound! :)