Saturday, December 13, 2008

Selma's Butterfly Calendar

The Butterfly Calendar is here!

Selma's Spectacular Butterflies 2009 Calendar features the 12 butterfly sculptures of patron sponsors. Each represents a month. The cover and January 2010 photos also include the other three dozen butterflies.

The calendar and The Butterfly Project are sponsored by the Dallas County Arts Alliance, which was formed by more than a dozen arts organizations in Selma and Dallas County early this year.

The calendars are available for $15 each at The Frame Shoppe, which recently moved from Water Avenue to Broad Street near Butler-Truax Jewelers. Profit goes to the DCAA for future projects.

Click the photo to see a larger version, and click HERE to view an inside photo at The Butterfly Project blog.


Tanya said...

Are any of your butterfly photos in the calendar?

Rambling Round said...

Hi Tanya,
Yes! Several photographers' butterfly photos are in the calendar, so we had a good variety of pictures from which to choose. One of mine is the May photograph featured in today's Butterfly Project post.

Walker said...

It both creative and beautiful. Lovely!

Kathleen said...

Oh Yayy!! I need to go get one!!

Virginia said...

Congrats for being published!!! Take a bow. HOpe that calendar makes a ton of money for a good cause.