Friday, December 21, 2007

First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church is "the church under the clock" and sits at the corner of Broad Street and Dallas Avenue. It is also "Home of the Carillon," and hymns peal from its bells at designated times. The church first installed a carillon in 1948. It was dedicated in memory of the victims of World War II. The latest carillon was dedicated on Sept. 11, 2002, in memory of the victims of 9-11. The clock tower can be seen in the background of many downtown photos including the one posted yesterday.


Annie said...

Bells ringing in memory of people and events always make me pause and feel and think. It would be one of the experiences of Selma I would take home with me, hearing the carillons.

It's so nice having you as near as my computer. Merry Christmas to you.

GMG said...

Beautiful building, lovely picture!
Sorry for having taken so much time to come back here, but I will not tell you about my last weeks…
Anyhow, let’s forget all that; I wish you a nice holiday season and I’ll try to come back here to divert from less interesting tasks!

Clueless in boston said...

I love the sound of church bells on a Sunday morning. That is a magnificent brick building - must cost a fortune to heat it though. Merry Christmas!