Friday, December 7, 2007

First Christian Church

Selma's former First Christian Church was organized in the 1850s, but this building was built in 1906. Today, the structure is the New Beginnings Center, which I assume is a church or religious mission.


Glenn Standish said...

A real pretty-looking church! Thanks for the comment over at TORUĊƒ DP! Today we have an interesting post about Nazi officers.

Moi said...

Can I add a bit of history?

The basement of the church was excavated AFTER the building was built. Weird, huh?

Edgar Cayce taught Sunday school there while he lived in Selma. Edgar Cayce Info

The stained glass windows: A boy drowned in the river, and the towns's people put up a reward for finding his body. The body washed ashore on it's own so the reward money was used to commision a stained glass window in his memory. The church was being built at the time that he died.

Rambling Round said...

Thanks for visiting!
Moi, I appreciate your additions! I didn't know that about the basement of the window. I did know about Cayce, though. I also remember that this church used to have a Hanging of the Greens ceremony during the Christmas season. I have been inside maybe once, and it is very beautiful.

ro_pumpkin said...

i like the building . it looks good . and actually it could be some residence . here , the churches don't have flags .

Rambling Round said...

Hi Ro_Pumpkin. Thanks for visiting.
It does look like this church is flying a flag, doesn't it! But the flag actually belongs to a business behind the church. But thanks for noticing!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Very pretty church and photo.

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muffy20 said...

I went to church there as a young boy and this is where I was baptised. I went there from 1943, when I was born until 1955, we moved to Ohio. The pastor at that time I remember was Rev.Jim Wallace. If we could only go back to these days