Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas in the Courtyard

It's Christmas in the courtyard at the St. James Hotel. Poinsettias fill the urns, and wreaths with red ribbons decorate the inner balconies. I read in today's newspaper that a local Master Gardener did the decorations. To see the outside decorations, scroll down to the December 10 post.


GMG said...

Beautiful picture!
I'll be out from Wednesday through Sunday, but meanwhile leave you in Amsterdam!
Enjoy and have a great week!

roentarre said...

What a beautiful Garden!!!

Pat said...

Oh, how lovely! I'd sure like to visit that place!

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Jim said...

That courtyard is inside the hotel? It looks big. Its very pretty, I am sure its pretty all year.

Annie said...

I have a friend who dreams of owning a house that looks like this hotel. But she wants a swimming pool in the courtyard. I must show her your photo.

Chris said...

How beautiful!! I'm with Jim. I bet it's nice all year!