Saturday, February 16, 2013

50 Years Exhibit

Where were you in 1963?

The Birmingham Story Traveling Exhibit that covers 50 years 
of the Civil Rights Movement opened at the George P. Evans Reception Center 
this week. The free event features video documentaries from several cities
 including Selma, displays of Life and Time magazine covers, segregated water fountains,
a  Birmingham police uniform, lunch counter and newspapers. 

The exhibit stays in Selma until March 4 and will also travel to Washington D.C., Montgomery, Memphis, Jackson, Miss.; Memphis and Columbia, S.C.


SRQ said...

I was still a few years away from being born. Sounds like a good exhibit.

VP said...

I was barely at school, but we soon learned everything about Selma...

Lowell said...

I was in graduate school at Arizona State. A couple of years later I wrote a story for Jesse Jackson's "Operation Breadbasket," and the organization I worked with supported its feeding program in Chicago.

A number of my friends joined the movement in the south, but I felt with three young kids I couldn't pack up and leave.

Jori said...

I wasn't born until 1973. I would love to see this exhibit!