Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cahaba River Rampage

The Cahaba River was on a rampage Sunday as it swiftly forged toward Old Cahawba Archaeological Park to connect with the Alabama.

The only free-flowing river in our state, the Cahaba is known as one of Alabama's 10 Natural Wonders due to its ecological significance that includes a wide diversity of plants and fish. Outdoor enthusiasts also enjoy canoeing its waters.

To see a more placid view of the Cahaba at this same U.S. Highway 80 West location, click HERE.


Kate said...

A beautiful photo of what looks to be a delightful river. I hope it stays clean and ecologically important. I would love to canoe on this river.

Lois said...

I love the name of this river!

Jacob said...

You've caught the power of the river very well. Is it swollen because of melting snow or rain?

Nicely done!

Rambling Round said...

Jacob, there's no snow here,and we would likely never have enough snow melt to raise a river. This is due to recent heavy rains. The ground was already saturated when about three inches fell Sunday morning. Thanks for asking!

Cara said...

Hi, Just found your blog today, love the photos! I've been to Old Cahawba, have a very dear friend from the area, a former History Professor (S. Harris) and he gave me a guided tour of the historic site. We wrote a collection of ghost stories, some inspired by the folklore there.

Anyway, nice to see the photos and remember that haunting place.

Rambling Round said...

Hi Cara, Thanks for visiting, and do come back!