Friday, April 17, 2009

Working with Acrylics

Paint-splattered jeans, a western hat and flip flops make the artist!

Fairhope artist and instructor Bill Harrison finished a three-day whirlwind workshop at Selma's Performing Arts Centre Thursday.

"...Just have the courage to jump right in and slam it down!" he told participants.

They completed four acrylic paintings and learned numerous techniques. Now don't you just love the rooster? It reminds me of Country French decor, although it could be Lower Alabama Rurality!

Anyway, Harrison is known for painting colorful landscapes depicting life on the Gulf Coast and rich still lifes. He told his Selma students that "I can give you tools; I can't give you heart. Only courage can give you heart."

The workshop was sponsored by Arts Revive.
View more workshop photographs HERE.


Antjas said...

Through the portal, your photo looks like a Norman Rockwell painting! Your first line exactly describes the artist I featured about a month ago minus the flip flops. You have a lovely blog.

Lois said...

I do like the rooster! I also just love the jeans and his hat!

Halcyon said...

I love this portrait. The artist looks great with the paint all over his jeans! Maybe he should sell those as a work of art.

Dorothy said...

Great! I wish I had access to his classes!

D said...

oh, I would love to have been in that workshop!

When people first started using roosters in their kitchen decor, I laughed and said, "Obviously you've never had chickens, or you wouldn't want their likeness in your house!" ha :)

Lessie said...

An action shot -- with great color! Very nice.