Monday, April 27, 2009

High Tea and High Attendance

Sunday was extraordinary...from High Tea at Sturdivant Hall (top photo) to high attendance at Elkdale Baptist Church (bottom photo) last night. Teapots and art adorn a table for High Tea, and attendees enjoyed teas of different flavors, pastries, Tiffany tablescapes and an art auction. The fun and fundraiser were sponsored by Sturdivant Hall Museum and the Selma Art Guild. Thanks to Jacque Johnson for sending me the photo!

The second event was held at my church, Elkdale Baptist, where 821 people attended a special service that featured Allan McConnell, a Christian missionary from Mountain Brook, Ala. Once the sanctuary filled, attendees watched the service on big screens in two other auditoriums at the church. The event was also historic, because in a new addition to its website, The
Selma Times-Journal newspaper streamed the service live via the Internet, and it was broadcast by local FM radio station WDXX 100.1. There were some technical glitches that included maxed-out traffic on the website broadcast so that not everyone was able to watch via the web.

A large number of other local pastors and churches endorsed the event, and it was also attended by members of a motorcycle group, Bikers for Christ.

Why so much interest? The subject was about cults, how to identify them and how to explain and defend the deity of Christ. To check out local articles about this issue, click HERE and HERE.


Halcyon said...

Love those teapots!

PJ said...

High tea sounds great, I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

As for rattlesnake beans, I had never heard of them but I'm definitely going to look at planting some.

Rambling Round said...

Hi PJ, I didn't get to go to High Tea yesterday, but I hear it WAS wonderful. A friend went and took the photo for the blog.

Rattlesnake beans are just pole beans with markings sort of like a rattlesnake. They have a good flavor and have fewer strings than regular green beans. We've been planting them every year for a long time. Thanks for visiting!

MaCoBra said...

HI, I loved your post of yesterday, searched You tube on the hym. It is really beautiful. Regards from Marcel