Wednesday, January 14, 2009

High Wire Work

It seems that everywhere I've gone this week, utility crews have been out in force.

Here, Alabama Power Company employees work on lines above Marie Foster Street.

There was more work on Jeff Davis Avenue, which former Selma residents might be interested to know has just been renamed. The City Council last night voted to change the name to memorialize J.L. Chestnut Jr., Selma's first black lawyer who died a few months ago. Chestnut, whose law firm was once located on Jeff Davis Avenue, defended some of the Civil Rights leaders and activists. Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederate States of America back in the 1860s. I assume this action means that Selma will no longer have an intersection where the "Civil War" meets "Civil Rights" as noted in my post of
Signs for the September 1, 2007 Theme Day.


Anonymous said...

As much as the utilities charge for their electricity, they should do some work on them now and then. Up here the big problem is freezing rain that breaks trees and those break the power lines.

The Texican said...

Y'all could bury those "wars" and you wouldn't need them big ole trucks. I'm still gonna visit one of these days. It'll need to warm up just a bit though. Pappy