Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Battle is Back

The Battle of Selma Reenactment is returning after all!

Last fall, organizers announced that there were too many conflicts to continue this popular April event that serves as a living history lesson of the April 1865 Civil War battle.

But an article in today's Selma Times-Journal states that the battle will be back, although scaled back from previous years. School tours will be limited to one day, and more details will be available soon.

Above a unit from Mississippi fires a cannon at the invading Yankees during the 2008 battle.


Kathleen said...

Well this is a good thing!
Glad to see that!

My daughter attends the Ball each year as Scarlett in the dress she wore to Ashley's Birthday.
I wish I could fit into it..LOL

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I would think this is a valued tourist attraction,

Anonymous said...

The history lessons will continue. I bet that is good news for the locals and for tourists. It should be a nice exhibit too.

I would rather be doing most anything except sitting in the house looking at the sun shine on all this snow. Eating cookies sounds good to me.

I don't know about you, but my head reels with ideas and things I either want to do, should do, or wish I did — that I don't have much time left to do anything but take a nap.

Carpe Diem!

Abraham Lincoln's Blog

Olivier said...

belle photo et c'est bien cette reconstitution.
nice photograph and I like well this reconstitution.

Boise Diva said...

How dare they THINK of NOT having it, I'm sure they got an earful!

Steve Buser said...

Glad to see the battles over the battle are over.

Marie said...

This is great. I am very much interesting in your history. I'll be back later today.

I have tagged you (sorry, it is Olivier's fault :-))))

Tranquility said...

This sounds like a great thing to get out and see! I think I should consider a trip out that direction to view this.

andyredd said...

First, the prior organizers and host unit did not abandon the Battle, but rather than put on a mediocre event in 2009, opted to skip a year, regroup, reinvigorate and renew support for 2010.
Second, for years Bill Rambo and the host unit, the 33rd Ala.Inf. have worked diligently to maintain authenticity and safety standards for the event. Some reenacting units, too lazy, to complacent or unwilling to meet these standards, have stood idly by while other struggled to maintain the event.
Now these folks are running the event. I fear that authenticity and historical accuracy will be a mere footnote and the public will be presented with a distorted depiction of the Civil War soldier, equipment and tactics. The will be given an inaccurate cowboy shoot'em up.
The results remain to be seen.