Friday, January 18, 2008

Winter Storm Warning

Winter storm warnings are extremely rare in Central Alabama, but here we are, under a Heavy Snow Warning! Accumulation of snow could be as much as six inches...about three inches predicted for Selma. I can't remember the last time snow was on the ground, but it seems it melted about as soon as it accumulated. Anyway, I will let you know tomorrow if this storm came to pass. Generally, when snow is predicted, we just get a cold rain. When it's not predicted, we get a surprise snowfall! Perhaps forecasting has improved since the surprise Blizzard of '93 when up to an inch was expected, and we got a blowing thunder snow of 6 to 12 inches instead!
Oh, that storm happened in the middle of March...during Spring Break!


Clarice said...

I think when they say 'Global Warming' they mean 'More Gray Wetness'

Alexander said...

Please take care!

Alex's World! -

Jim said...

So, how did you do?

smilnsigh said...

Wow!!! Hope you got necessary staples in the house, before hand, just in case. Because I can imagine that driving in/after snow, can be a horror in your neck of the woods.

Those who never get experience of snow driving, don't do too well with it. Plus, your road crews are not equipped to really handle it.

Good luck!!!!


Rambling Round said...

It's snowing! We probably have at least an inch now, and I don't think we will get the several inches predicted, but it's beautiful and so far not sticking to the roads.
Thanks for asking.