Friday, September 7, 2012

Skywatch... and the Rain Came Tumbling Down

Isaac means "he will laugh," and I guess the remnants of Hurricane Isaac
 had the last laugh in Central Alabama Monday and Tuesday.
 We were relieved that he skirted the state last week,
 but then a portion of the storm sank south and dumped nearly a foot of rain
  in about 18 hours. But it was certainly no laughing matter! I've lived
 in the Selma area for more than 30 years and have never experienced such a rain.
 Streets and some businesses well away from the river flooded due 
to the relentless, heavy downpour after downpour after downpour.
But the sun is shining now!

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Kerri said...

What a cool shot! Sorry about the rain.....glad the sun is out now!

Gattina said...

We often have heavy rain in Belgium but fortunately never hurricans !

Kate said...

Looks like the hummingbirds aren't around! Never have disliked rain because it usually refreshes the land, but this kind of rain definitely is not welcomed.

msdewberry said...

This is the kind of rain they are predicting for us tomorrow. I hope they are wrong about that!
Thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon!