Monday, February 22, 2010

Lincoln's Sister-in-Law Lived Here

President Abraham Lincoln's sister-in-law, Martha Todd White, lived in this Italianate cottage next door to Sturdivant Hall. A half-sister of Mary Todd Lincoln, Martha was a fierce Confederate who, according to the historic marker, is said to have "severely criticized" the Lincolns when she was accused by the northern press of using her presidential pass to smuggle medicine and other necessities "behind the lines" into the Confederacy. Another sister, Elodie, met her husband here while visiting and later led the effort to raise funds for a Confederate monument in Old Live Oak Cemetery.

This cottage and its grounds will be the site of the "box lunch" on March 19 and 20 of the Historic Selma Pilgrimage. The lunches need to be pre-ordered as only a limited number of extras will be available. More information is available


Kate said...

The sisters are pretty interesting people. The "cottage" is one that I would like to visit, too.

Lois said...

An interesting bit of history that I have never heard before!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

It must have been terrible to live during that war when relatives were fighting on opposite sides!

Jacob said...

Beautiful house and fascinating story that I had not heard before!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture. Two beautiful houses in one... the much larger house in the background & each having different architectural styles, but both so full of history. The old wrought iron fencing that is so prominent is gorgeous too.
Selma has so much to be proud of.