Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Valley Grande Political Forum

Selma's not the only town headed toward municipal elections. Nearby Valley Grande also elects its mayor and council August 26. The Valley Grande Exchange Club sponsored a political forum at Martin Middle School, and here, incumbent Mayor Tom Lee responds to questions. The other mayoral candidate, Terry Hughes, listens at right, and moderator Benjamin Austin, stands at the back. Seated at left are city council candidates. All were given two minutes for introductory speeches, then responded to questions from the audience.


Jim said...

I went to our City Council meeting last night, thankfully our Mayor and my Councilman are not up for re-election. They would win, but things seem to run smoother when candidates arent trying to impress voters with tall tales, and just focus on running the City.

I am glad you went to your forum, did it help make up your mind?

TOG said...

I was happy to see the banner of the Exchange Club. I was the founding president of our Coral Gables Exchange Club about 40 years ago. At that time we had 4 or 5 clubs in the Miami area. But now they are all gone. I have been a Rotarian now for the last 25 years. Our city always had a majority of people from other cities (mostly from the north east). Now we have a majority that were born out of the USA. Rotary fills the need for an international city. I sometimes miss not being just a Floridian, but being international is really nice.