Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Got power?

We didn't for 15 straight hours Saturday and Sunday and again for eight hours on Monday. But thanks to these crews from Pike Electric Corporation, headquartered in Mount Airy, N.C., we've got lights tonight and computer access! You really don't realize how addictive these computers are until you're without them...

These crews put power lines back together on a closed section of Summerfield Road in north Dallas County. I suppose that Tropical Storm Fay caused the damage although the winds weren't especially strong yesterday, but at times the rain was heavy. We've received several inches of welcome precipitation, and there's more expected.

Now, for all you Selma and Valley Grande citizens, we're electing our mayors and city councils today, so please go to the polls and exercise your VOTING POWER!


Your EG Tour Guide said...

I hate it when the power goes out, that's for sure! We are s dependent on electricity. I didn't realize Fay had created that much havoc.

marley said...

It surprising how much you realise you use it when its gone!

Rambling Round said...

Fay moved so slowly and stalled from time to time that it brought extended bouts of wind and rain, hence the power outages.

D said...

We're loving the rain.
And thankfully, without power outages.
Glad yours is back on!

smilnsigh said...

Sorry for the power outage!

Congratulations for urging your fellow citizens to vote!!!

Miss Mari-Nanci

Virginia said...

We had power out from 8:30 PM on Sat. tilll who knows when at the lake. We left around !0 am Sunday.
In B'ham, it's power out all the time due to all the trees we have that fall on power lines. It is miserable. You were out a good while in Selma. Thank you to all the power companies that come to our aide down here when we have storms.

Rambling Round said...

Hi Virginia, We have lots of trees here too, but they do try to keep them trimmed back from power lines, but hey, Alabama means "big thicket!"
I rode up the highway too, and it appears a power pole had snapped yesterday.

Bergson said...

it is strange the lack of participation in the elections in the USA

there are countries where people dream to go to vote

Dina said...

It sounds like you missed your computer more than than the lights and a/c. Hehe. I would too.
In the great ice storm one Christmas we were without power for three cold days. What a challenge that was.