Monday, April 7, 2008

Dogwood and Spanish Moss

Spring in Selma means dogwood blossoms
that appear to be growing from drapes of Spanish Moss!
Wish you were here!

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Jim said...

Tree moss is the one thing that is pure south.

Pat said...

That is really beautiful!

Does it damage the trees? What a lovely photo today!


Guelph Daily Photo,

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Josy said...

Gracious. It looks like a painting!

And I have to agree with Jim- I've never seen moss like that up here in the northeast!

Z said...


oldmanlincoln said...

This looks like it was taken with a magic camera.

On a light side...

Find out why their mommas swooned looking at the pictures, and stuffed crisp $10,000.00 bills into my shorts and hung the keys to a Smart car on my ear. Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

Olivier said...

j'aime ces arbres, on dirait des immenses toiles d'araignée
I love these trees, it looks like the enormous spider webs

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Ah, Spanish moss. I just love how it looks. Your photo is impressive. Definitely a picture that I would frame... beautiful!
Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it.

Halcyon said...

Just beautiful! I missed the south when I was in Reno this weekend. It was cold there! There was even snow on the ground in Lake Tahoe. I'm happy to be back in my warm/humid cocoon.

Southern Heart said...

This is one of the prettiest photos I've seen...ever. :)

dot said...

There is nothing quite as beautiful to me as the south in the spring! The dogwood and azaleas are blooming here also but I'd have to go much farther south to find the spanish moss. Enjoyed viewing your photos!

raf said...

Gorgeous photo, Ramblin'. Brings back fond memories of childhood in south Louisiana. Thanks for stopping by with your comments.

annulla said...

Such a romantic image, it looks like a whole 'nother world.

Which, in a way, I guess it is. The world of the South.

Blather From Brooklyn

Texas Travelers said...

Beautiful photo.

Perfect exposure to capture detail and blue of the sky.

Great job.