Thursday, February 16, 2017

Orrville Farmers Market

If you haven't experienced the Orrville Farmers Market yet,
 well, head on down Highway 22!
This brand-new business between Selma and Safford
 is far more than a produce market where folks can purchase
 giant ripe tomatoes, huge homegrown cabbages
 and Mississippi sweet potatoes.
 But those things alone drew me in! 

It's a hot-breakfast stop at 6 a.m. and a meat-and-three restaurant at noon.
 It's where you go for seeds and plants and all things local or close-to-local
 as in Alabama.  Try the goat's milk lotion and soaps
 and the Marion Junction honey. There's a barrel of raw peanuts and pecans,
 shelves stocked with jellies and jams and Rachel's Cinnamon Rolls.
 There are T-shirts and cotton kitchen towels, country signs
 and sacks of biscuit mix. And just a whole lot more! 

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Tanya Breese said...

sounds like they have thought of everything! they should be pretty successful!

William Kendall said...

This place reminds me of one in our cottage country area.

Jim said...