Saturday, April 25, 2015

Battle of Selma 150th

One hundred fifty years ago, much of Selma was in ruins...

the price it paid for its part as a major weapons, munitions and warship producer
 for the Confederacy during The War Between the States.

This weekend, the Battle of Selma is commemorated by hundreds of Union 
and Confederate reenactors from around the country. But the battle is much
 more than a battle with black powder and cannons and horses and swords.
 While that is certainly the highlight, those who attend will experience
 a living-history education in the lifestyle of the 1860s via battle tactics,
 weapons, medicine, communications, apparel, cooking, music and more. 

Why remember this relatively short battle during the last days of the Civil War?

It educates our children and ourselves in a way that no history book can.
 It brings authenticity to  America's bloodiest conflict, a four-year war 
that took hundreds of thousands of lives, injured millions more
 and set the course of our nation.

Selma's battle comes near the end of the 150th anniversary reenactments.
 For more information on Civil War 150 events, click HERE.      

(Photo is from a previous Battle of Selma event.)

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William Kendall said...

The living history aspect of such events would fascinate me.