Wednesday, March 21, 2012

J is for Jewelry

It's ABC Wednesday, and J is the letter of the week.
 I could have posted pictures of all the "Js" that I've worked with:
Joan, Jo, Jean and another Jean at my first job...
Jean, Jeanette, Jackie and Jessie at my last full-time job...
and recently while working on a community event:
 Jacque, Jewell and Jan!
 It just goes to figure that I'm a "J" too!

But, I don't have pictures of all those people,
 and the cute string of beads above led me to JEWELRY!
 Can you tell that they are made of clay?
 I saw them on display at the Selma Art Guild.

Can you tell what the neckline is made from?
 How about the bodice?
 I believe this is what they call "wearable art!"

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Tanya said...

wow that's a lot of j's to work with, how funny! Beautiful spring colors in this outfit!

Roger Owen Green said...

Very colorful!
ROG, ABC Wednesday

TheChieftess said...

Sweet!!! Looks like rose petals for the dress and bright tape for the neckline! Fun shot and J posting!!!

Rambling Round said...

Yes, Chieftess, the rose petals are silk flower petals, and the neckline is duct tape.

Ann said...

WOW, duct tape. I'm thinking its pretty but maybe scratchy? Love the J for jewelry.