Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ABC Wednesday, KUDOS for the Art Show!

K is the Letter of the Week over at ABC Wednesday,
 and I'm sharing some KUDOS from a recent Selma visitor.

Len Bornstein of Millburn, N.J., was in town during Pilgrimage Weekend
 and gave lots of kudos to the artwork at the ArtsRevive Juried Art Show.
 Among his favorite works was "Rag Rug" by Julian Wait. Bornstein is chair 
of the Arts Unbound Board of Governors, which raises funds for the program.
 Arts Unbound in Orange, N.J.,  "provides arts education, skills building
 and a variety of vocational opportunities in the visual arts to youth and adults 
with mental, developmental and physical disabilities."

This trip wasn't Bornstein's first to Selma. The retired educator
 recollected that when he was 21, he came to Selma
 during the Civil Rights Movement and ate lunch with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

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Tanya said...

i like 'rag rug' and all that pretty glass!

Roger Owen Green said...

Kudos for promoting art.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

John said...

Art show is a nice event!


This is Belgium said...

find it very impressive that this man knew Martin Luther !

Jane and Chris said...

He'd be a great guest at a dinner party!
Jane x

Julie said...

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Carver said...

Sounds like a good visitor to have for the show. Great post for the letter K. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team