Thursday, March 4, 2010

Selma's New Sign

Welcome to Historic Selma!

Selma has a new sign at the foot of the Pettus Bridge, and I think it's a beauty. Compare to the previous sign which I posted back in June 2007.

While this sign establishes Selma in 1800, the settlement was known as High Soapstone Bluff around that time. Later, it became Moore's Bluff and was chartered in December 1820 as Selma.

The wooden structure you see in the background is an entrance to the Bridge to Freedom Memorial Park. The Pettus Bridge stretches beyond.


Lois said...

That is nice!

Halcyon said...

Jackson was formerly known as LeFleur's Bluff. I guess people in the south like their Bluffs!

This sign is much prettier than the old one. I'm sure people will feel welcome.

Jacob said...

I like this one better than the old's much cleaner and easier to read...the old one had to much "stuff" on it...