Sunday, February 15, 2009

White Camellia

Some like it cold!

And the hardy camellia is one of them!

Camellias of white, red, pink and variegated hues grow abundantly in Selma this time of year. Yes, extreme cold can hurt them, but Alabama's state flower is one bloom that gardeners can usually count on for color in the winter.

They look pretty in a bud vase, or better yet, put a few blooms with their leaves in a shallow bowl for a centerpiece.


Kate said...

Aren't you lucky to have camellias so available. I love the white ones.

Virginia said...

I can't quit going to the Botanical Gardens and photographing these. They are winter's surprise.

Dorothy said...

Camellias are so beautiful, and more so since they bloom at this time of the year! There is a large Pink Camillia at our church. The blooms remind me of roses.