Saturday, February 21, 2009

Glorious Flutterer

When the sun shines just right, this butterfly can take your breath away!

The "Glorious Flutterer" gleams with pizazz on Broad Street, Selma's main avenue. This sculpture was painted in warm polka dots by Sister Judith Kaiser and Keyonsis Olds for their sponsor, the St. Edmund Learning Center.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Sister Judy about her art work for an article HERE.

Temple Mishkan Israel, which was built in 1899, is in the background, and you can read more about Selma's Jewish history HERE.

To view more butterfly sculptures, click on over to The Butterfly Project blog.


Lois said...

You shot this picture from the perfect angle! Both the sculpture and the Temple are lovely.

Hilda said...

This butterfly is fantastic, and even more so against that wonderful brick temple! The contrast in colors in gorgeous — great photo!

bfarr said...

I love this. I want one for my back yard. Great shot.

Jacob said...

Thank you for this. I read a lot of Selma's Jewish people and their history in that city. Fascinating. Now I know what the temple looks like. Great composition, by the way.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Oooh, love the butterfly!

Shabby Tabby said...

I read the link to Selma's Jewish History and I know you forgot one of Selma's Broad Street merchants. Klotzman's Furniture store. I am not sure when they opened or when they closed, but I know they were there during the 60's.