Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kenan's Mill Fall Festival

Saturday was a perfect day for the annual Kenan's Mill Fall Festival.

The 19th Century mill ground corn for sale. Musicians strummed bluegrass melodies, and cloggers tapped in time on the wooden pavilion. Charlie Lucas was there with his folk art paintings and trash-to-treasure sculptures. Other artists and craftsmen brought quilts, birdhouses and Christmas decorations. Children rode in a tractor-pulled wagon up the dirt road and then on ponies beneath the trees. They thrilled with a jaunt across Valley Creek on a swinging bridge.

Join us at the mill next year on the first Saturday in November!


Kathleen said...

Great shot!I would have been down there but have the sniffles

Rose said...

My mom always loved to get fresh ground cornmeal. She thought it was better than what we buy in the stores.

D said...

I would've loved this, but it was Homecoming weekend ya know! :)
I left something for you at my blog.

marley said...

Excellent photo. I haven't heard about Fall Festivals before, but lots of CDP bloggers seem to have them in there towns etc. Is it a new thing?

Rambling Round said...

Hi Kathleen, This is no time of year to get the sniffles! It's much too nice outdoors.

Rose, I have tried the ground cornmeal a few times, and I do believe it's better.

D, thanks so much for the award! I would have loved to see the parade too!

Hi Marley, fall festivals aren't really that new, but they used to be known as Halloween carnivals, which were major PTA fundraisers at schools. Then, when some adults decided Halloween was too much about "celebrating" evil spirits due to the old pagan, Celtic influence, the carnivals became fall festivals sans the costumes and witches and ghosts. Churches also began fall festivals in an effort to keep children in a safe place and off the streets on Halloween. But now, lots of organizations have fall festivals just to celebrate the season with changing leaves, pumpkins, apples and great weather.

Dixie said...

We were at this festival and it was nice.
I hope that it continues to grow each year.
I only hate that I forgot to take my camera. The first chance my son had to see the Mill & the old swinging bridge and I dont even have any pics of him there. :(
All in all it's a nice festival with beautiful scenery , great music and many nice people.