Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pickin' along Highway 80

The pickings are plenty at the Historic U.S. 80 Highway Sale!

Formerly known as the World's Widest Yard Sale, vendors will set up along
 or near the major east-west route THIS Friday and Saturday, April 15-16.

The sale extends from Georgia to Texas and offers travelers a treasure trove
 of bargains in addition to "the many historical and cultural amenities 
found along the route," according to the
 Alabama Rural Development Office/Black Belt Commission.

This photo was taken last year at the large vendor area at Angie's Auction
 in Potter's Station, and frankly, I have yet to venture beyond that place,
 because there is just so much STUFF to see! It's where I found
 a couple of old shutters, a farm animals baby quilt, toys, 
children's hardcover books in great shape, a handmade hammer
 and a brand-new tent still in the box!
 Plus, there is always somebody cooking barbecue!

However, if time permits, the yard sales at the Marion Junction Community Club and Volunteer Fire Department are on my list!

You can find the vendor list for Alabama HERE and the main page HERE.


Linda said...

Cool! We have a long yard sale here in the summer. It stops traffic, which irritates local residents, who are used to a laid-back lifestyle.

William Kendall said...

And I thought a mass neighbourhood sale in May here was big!