Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Theme Day (WHERE DO I BELONG?)

(This Theme Day, City Daily Photo Bloggers capture why they are 
or want to be in the city where they photoblog.)

I belong on the “high-throne” bluffs above the Alabama River
 where Selma was born 200 years ago, where Black Belt prairies grow
 cattle and catfish to our west and timber stretches to the sky to our north.

 I love our bold, sometimes volatile history in a culture so diverse
 that to a great degree, Selma was built by Jewish immigrants 
and became a beacon of both women's and minority voting rights. 
 This little town built ships, cannons and munitions
 for the Confederacy and later, it built pilots for the Air Force. 

I love our beautiful old homes, museums, art galleries and festivals.
 There is a cemetery where Spanish Moss whisks me away
 to elaborate monuments with inscriptions that honor the lives
 of those who lived here before.
I love the new riverfront park with its walkway, amphitheatre
 and views of the Pettus Bridge, the tiny yellow bridgetender's house 
and the big, bright-red Old Depot. 

I like the big yards, wide streets and church towers and the chimes
 that play hymns to soothe our souls and remind us of God's grace.
And despite what you may have read or heard, the majority of our citizens
work together to overcome our challenges and make me proud
to belong to "The Little Town that Could."   




William Kendall said...

A tremendous amount of history in your city, Janet!

Halcyon said...

Fantastic shot of your city.

LOLfromPasa said...

You are in no doubt...wonderful!

Lois said...

What a lovely post for the theme Janet! Spanish moss is one of my favorite things too.

debisand said...

Aw, Janet, reading this made me cry. How can I be homesick for a town I left 54 years ago? Must be time or a visit!