Monday, March 16, 2015

All Dressed Up

The Bridgetender's House is all dressed up
 to welcome warmer weather and hopefully, sunnier skies!

Privately owned, the house where the bridge tender lived
 and was on duty to open the old swing bridge,
 recently was renovated and is nestled
 by the river in Lafayette Park. 

It is a favorite subject in Selma for photographers and artists.  


Christine said...

I loved reading your "about" page; so many things I did not know about Selma. I am a history buff and love the travel to historic spots.
Great photo, too. Captures yellow perfectly!

Janet said...

Thank you, Christine! I hope you can travel to Selma soon!

William Kendall said...

It certainly looks pretty.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

So glad they preserved it, and did such a great job!

Gemma Wiseman said...

How cute and colourful is this.